Connect a bluetooth GPS to a Ipod touch / Iphone / Ipad

Bluetooth GPS uses SPP (serial port profile), but Ipod Touch /  Iphone / Ipad only support HFP (Hands-Free Profile). Natively, Apple does not provide SPP to connect an external bluetooth GPS.

To connect a External bluetooth GPS receiver, You may have to “Jailbreak” the Ipod Touch / Iphone / Ipad.
(We don’t taking any responsibility of your device “Jailbreak”. You might need to take your own risk. )
After that, use the application “Roqy” to connect external bluetooth GPS antenna to your iPad/iPhone. For detail, please refer to

We have a few screenshot for your info.

iphone bluetooth GPS



iphone bluetooth gps


IOS bluetooth GPS


ios bluetooth gps


ipad bluetooth GPS


iphone bluetooth GPS


bluetooth GPS for ios


ios bluetooth GPS


bluetooth gps for iphone


iphone gps


iphone ipad gps


iphone gps


ios gps


ios gps



Bluetooth GPS receiver can be purchased from




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