About US

Who We Are

Founded in 2005, Canada GPS specializes in GPS/GNSS technology, offering a wide range of GNSS products and services globally. Our office is located in Markham, Ontario, Canada.


Our Business

Canada GPS provides advanced GPS/GNSS solutions, including GPS/GNSS receivers, data loggers, submeter accuracy GNSS, and centimeter accuracy RTK GNSS. We cater to governments, universities, hospitals, and various businesses to meet their diverse needs.

In May 2024, we launched our flagship NTRIP Caster SAAS platform, GeoAstra. This platform offers a free worldwide NTRIP Caster service accessible to everyone and a commercial-grade NTRIP service for business customers. GeoAstra represents a significant milestone as we evolve from a GNSS hardware vendor to a comprehensive high-accuracy positioning solution provider.


Our Goal

At Canada GPS, our goal is to make RTK and other high-accuracy positioning technologies both affordable and user-friendly, bringing this advanced technology to everyone, everywhere. This commitment drives every decision and action we take.

Our expertise in the GPS/GNSS industry allows us to source the best equipment and devices from manufacturers worldwide, reducing costs and making high-accuracy technology accessible and affordable. We also develop software and services that integrate seamlessly with our hardware, providing practical and easy-to-use solutions. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive documentation, blog posts, forums, and YouTube channels, ensuring information is readily accessible.

We believe that high-accuracy positioning technology will eventually replace the current 3-5 meter GPS technology in many aspects of industrial and everyday life. We are dedicated to facilitating this transformation.

Invest in Us

The decreasing cost of RTK hardware devices is approaching a tipping point, indicating that RTK technology could soon see widespread adoption. If you are interested in investing in our ventures and driving growth in this exciting field, please contact us at info@canadagps.ca. Let's make things happen together.