For CanWay software which comes with Canmore GT-730FL-S and GT-740FL, how to fix the problem of trips being broken up into separate tracks (files).

The following comments were from our customer Marc. Thank you Marc for sharing your experience with other users!

Canway software broken trip


The key is to select the right time out for the track separate routes criteria. If it is too long, you reduce it and then download from the device again until you get the tracks you want combined. For the short tracks that are on the device just from turning it on, you just delete those. I have now set it up for 30 minutes, given the time I stop for a break, but there is no need to find the right time setting before you record; if it is too short or long, you can adjust later when you are downloading. This settings change means you never have to manually combine two gpx files and reimport it as one.

The motion sensor only shuts down the receiver in order to save power. It is not the reason why tracks get separated. I keep my logger in my jersey pocket and that is sufficient to keep it from shutting down all day, when I’m on the bike.


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