How to change GNSS200L usb GNSS receiver update rate to 10hz?

By default, GNSS200L industrial GNSS receiver update rate has been set to 1hz. If you want to change it to 10hz. Please follow the below steps.

You might need to install GNSS200L usb driver and ublox u-center software to a computer if it didn't already installed. Please plug in your usb GPS to the computer. Open the u-center software. Select the corresponding com port for the usb GPS. Please make sure the usb GPS is connected to the computer during the below steps.

step 1. click the "message view" icon.
step 2. expand the UBX tree, and further expand CFG tree.

update GNSS100L and GNSS200L GPS to 10 Hz

step 3. click the “RATE(rates)”
step 4. If you want to update the GPS update rate to 10Hz, please change the Measurement Period to 100 [ms}. Or if you want to update the GPS update rate back to 1Hz, please change the Measurement Period to 1000[ms]
step 5. press the “Send” button

GNSS100L GNSS200L 10 hz

step 6. click CFG(Configuration).
step 7. on the right panel, select “Save current configuration”
step 8. select all Devices “0- BBR, 1- FLASH, 2- I2C-EEPROM, 4- SPI-FLASJ”
step 9. press the “Send” button again.

GNSS100L GNSS200L update rate 10hz



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