How to connect an external Bluetooth GPS Receiver with Android Phone or Tablet?

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How to connect an external Bluetooth GPS Receiver with an Android Phone or Tablet? (2021 edition)


1- In your Android device, go to “settings” -> Bluetooth -> Available Device, you will see your GPS receiver. If not, please scan for the device.

Android bluetooth GPS

2. Tap the bluetooth GPS, it will prompt for “Bluetooth pairing request. Please key in 0000 as the PIN code & tap “ok” button.

Android bluetooth GPS

3. The bluetooth GPS is paired with your Android device.

android bluetooth GPS

4- In the Android “play store” download “bluetooth GPS” App.

Android bluetooth GPS

5- In android, go into settings -> “Developer options” -> Debugging -> Allow Mock location -> enable “mock Locations”

Android bluetooth GPS

(“developer options” is hidden by default. To show it, go to Settings -> About Phone and tap on ‘Build Number’ seven times. )

Android bluetooth GPS

6- Before you launch your GPS software (e.g. Copilot, Tomtom) , launch “bluetooth GPS”, click “connect” and check “Enable Mock GPS Provider”.

android bluetooth gps

Android bluetooth GPS

7. Launch your GPS app & it will use the bluetooth GPS

bluetooth GPS Android

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