GeoAstra NTRIP Caster Enterprise Edition - 12-Month Subscription Service

GeoAstra NTRIP Caster Enterprise Edition - 12-Month Subscription Service

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GeoAstra NTRIP CASTER - Transform Your RTK Base into an Internet NTRIP Service

  • Free and World-Wide capable. Say goodbye to costly and less accurate correction service subscriptions.
  • Compatible with any NTRIP-supported RTK GNSS.
  • Link "One" RTK base to "Many" RTK Rovers effortlessly.
  • Both Permanent and temporary RTK Base friendly. It is always ready for your connection.
  • Natively AWS cloud base SAAS solution. High availability, scalability and fast.
  • Ensuring your data privacy. Your NTRIP data is not stored in our system; it is simply passed through.

Introducing GeoAstra NTRIP Service

Is your current NTRIP service provider too expensive? Is their NTRIP mount point too far away from you? Do you find it difficult or inconvenient to connect your RTK rover to your own base? Owning an RTK base and connecting it with our GeoAstra NTRIP Caster is the solution to all these problems.

GeoAstra NTRIP Caster functions as a NTRIP hub on the internet, connecting your RTK base(s) and rovers.

When you connect your RTK base(s) to our GeoAstra NTRIP Caster, your RTK base transforms into an Internet Base NTRIP Service. This means your RTK rovers, including survey GNSSs, robots, drones, agricultural equipment, and GNSS receivers, can now receive RTK correction data effortlessly.

GeoAstra NTRIP Caster is incredibly user-friendly. With just a few clicks, you can sign up and obtain your free NTRIP caster mount points, and start using them in under 20 seconds. Apply cm-level accuracy to your projects today! Experience the easy, convenient, and affordable internet-based RTK technology with GeoAstra.


  • 50 base stations /mount points
  • 1,000 rovers
  • Source Table
  • Dedicate Server
  • Forum Support
  • Email Support
  • Custom Domain
  • APIs
  • Connection Log
  • Web Management console



Test drive the Free edition:

Before committing to a purchase, you can always try the Free Edition first.


Account Setup and  Lead Time:

After we receive your order and payment, our account manager will contact you via email within 24 hours. We will set up your dedicated NTRIP Caster infrastructure within 1-3 business days. Your NTRIP Caster will operate under GeoAstra’s AWS and Auth0 accounts. If you wish to use your own logo and domain name, we can accommodate that.

If you prefer to have your NTRIP Caster fully customized and integrated seamlessly with your company’s existing IT infrastructure, such as your own AWS, Auth0 accounts, and DNS, please let us know. We will provide you with a quote based on the required hours for the customization.

Account Renewal:

Rest assured, subscription renewal is not automatic. We will notify you 2 months before your subscription expires.

If you wish to renew, you will need to place a new order on our website. If no action is taken, your subscription will be terminated and the database will be archived.