GlobalSat MR-350P GPS Receiver

GlobalSat MR-350P GPS Receiver

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GlobalSat MR-350P Bulkhead Waterproof GPS Receiver

  • Permanent Mount GPS Solution
  • The WAAS/ EGNOS enabled MR-350P is a “mini” external GPS receiver, which utilizes a 
    bulkhead (7/8" through-hole) style mounting design for applications that require a more 
    permanent weatherproof mounting solution. The enclosed GPS receiver is self-contained 
    with an active patch antenna and utilizes the latest “20” channel SiRF Star III high 
    performance GPS chipset for accurate positioning. IPX7 Water Proof Design.  
  • The extended 15’ cable allows for easy routing behind the headliner and side panels, 
    terminating into a proprietary pin-out on a PS/2 connector for easy interfacing with either 
    our USB or RS232 cable sets. (sold separately)
  • The WAAS/ EGNOS enabled by default MR-350P can be used in a wide variety of 
    applications including commercial fleet/utility vehicles, police and fire trucks, boats and 
    specialty equipment, that require great accuracy and durability.
  • For applications that require a only an external GPS antenna without a GPS receiver, 
    please look at our AT-350.  
  • MR-350P uses a propriatary pin-out on the PS2, which cannot be connected directly to any 
    laptop or PC without the use of a cable set (USB or RS232 + PS2 for power)


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 MR-350P Package Contents:
* MR-350P Serial GPS Receiver
* CD-ROM (User Manual & GPS Info Test Utility)