Holux M-215+ GPS and GLONASS Dual System USB GPS Receiver

Holux M-215+ USB GPS Receiver

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Holux M-215+ Dual System USB GPS Receiver - (IPX 7 WaterProof, GPS + GLONASS Dual System, Connects up to 24 more Satellites than GPS alone System.)

The M-215+ GPS Chipset capable for  GPS/GLONASS dual system, but by default it loads GPS only firmware. (Dual system hardware does not work with single system software, but most GPS software are single system, so that the manufacture pre-loaded GPS only firmware). If you need a M-215+ with pre-loaded dual system firmware, please contact us before ordering.


Technical Specs:

GPS Chip •MTK MT3333 GPS/GLONASS chipset
•66 parallel searching, 22 tracking channels
•C/A Code: 1.023MHz
•Update frequency: 1Hz
•Sensitivity: -165dBm
•Baud rate: 4800
•Datum: WGS84

•Without aid: 3.0M 2D-RMS
•Velocity:0.1M/sec (Witout aid)

Acquisiion Timing
•Hot start: < 1 sec
•Warm start: < 30 sec
•Cold start: < 31 sec
•Reacquisition: < 1 sec

Dynamic Conditions
•Altitude Limit: < 18000 meters
•Velocity Limit: < 515 M/sec
•Acceleration Limit: < 4G

•GPS status

Dimension & Weight
•64.5 x 42 x 7.8 mm
•84 g